Angular Seed Project Updated (Angular 1.3 & 6to5 Support)

Last week I spent several hours/evenings updating my Angular Seed project in Github and thought it worth mentioning here as well. The link in the previous sentence contains most of the details, but I thought I would highlight a few things…

  • It has more functionality. I signed up for a free Weather Underground account, so the seed project is now a 3 ‘view’ SPA. In the first view you enter a US zip code and you are taken to the Current Conditions view. From there you can click a link to view a 4 day forecast. Note that pretty much no error checking is done yet. The app assumes valid inputs for now.
  • It has been updated to include Angular 1.3.x. It does not actually use any of the 1.3 features yet (but will in future updates).
  • ES6 is now supported via the 6to5ify Browserify transform. Thus, if you use this project to see your new project, you can write ES6 code. At the moment, the app only uses ‘let’ and ‘const’ to prove that the ES6 transform is working. If you view the build output after running ‘grunt:build’ you’ll see that ‘let’ and ‘const’ have been transformed to var. I would like to switch from CommonJS to ES6 modules next. I’m still learning ES6 at the moment, so I’m looking forward to seeing how I can use ES6 to make Angular programming easier (or cleaner).
  • I (obviously) spent a very little amount of time making the project look nice. I tried using Angular Material Design, but had trouble getting it to work. I’ll have to revisit that later. I would actually like to move away from Bootstrap and try one of the Angular-specific UI frameworks.

Those are the biggest changes. Let me know if you have questions or problems with the app our source code.

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