Quick Review: Days of Rage by Brad Taylor

While book reviews won’t be a focus of this blog (tech related stuff will be), I will still mention books I’ve read and liked. I recently finished the latest book in the Pike Logan series by Brad Taylor: Days of Rage.

Brief Thoughts:

The Pike books continue to get better and better. I’m not sure how how the author can continue to release 2 high quality books each yet, but he is doing it. This series is the biggest reason I’m reading spy/thriller novels again. As for this book, it continues to take Pike and his team into new territory. What I really like about this series is that you can see how events in previous books are affecting events in this book. In many series, it seems like each book is a standalone episode, with each book having minimal impact on the next. But in the Pike Logan books, the characters continue to grow (and unfortunately, die). These books and characters feel real…unlike many in this genre (in which the characters feel like they are just filling roles in the story).

I’m already looking forward to the next book (which I thought was due in Jan 2015, but now I can’t find a reference to it on Amazon).


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