Welcome to My New Blog Home

Welcome to my new blog home. I’ve decided to retire my old book review blog after 7+ years. I’ve had the itch to start blogging about JavaScript and AngularJS, and didn’t feel that stuff would be appropriate to post on a blog called The Tattered Scroll. That site had evolved into a bunch of book deal and new release posts, and not much else. My account for that blog expires next week, so I thought it was time to finally let it go.

So what will you see on this new blog? Since the domain name is personal (my name), I feel I have a bit more freedom on what I post here. I hope/plan for the blog to feature a bit of everything: posts on JavaScript and AngularJS topics, mentions of tech books I have read, gadgets I’ve bought, etc. I will likely also continue to post about ebook deals occasionally, too. I might also (briefly) mention fiction books I’ve read, or new albums I’ve stumbled upon that I really like. But the primary focus will be programming/gadget centered.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you stick around awhile 🙂

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